About Tinderbox

Tinderbox aims to ignite a spark in young people – one which fills them with confidence, imagination and sense of possibility, and which enables people to achieve things they never thought possible.  Our work helps break down barriers between people & communities, providing exciting opportunities to those who need them most, and supporting young people to build their confidence, skills, self-esteem, and professional experience.

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Our Vision: A creative, ambitious and inclusive youth culture – one that cuts across social and economic divides, brings together diverse influences, and is listened to and valued by society.

Who We Are: A large, diverse collective of young people, musicians, artists, youth workers, community activists and volunteers.

What We Do: Tinderbox offers a revolutionary approach to orchestras, youth work & creative learning. We provide a year-round programme working with hundreds of children and young people aged 10 – 30. Our work focuses on three core areas:

  • Tinderbox Orchestras
  • Digital & Interactive Arts
  • Youth & Community Engagement

From award-winning productions to grass-roots youth work, Tinderbox offers a range of cutting-edge workshops, orchestra courses, arts residencies and apprenticeship programmes. We work with complete beginners to top young professionals and all levels in between.

Unique Approach

The approach of Tinderbox is unique in the way it balances ambitions for high-quality and experimentation with its drive to be genuinely inclusive and to foster active and creative participation from everyone involved. These ambitions are equally valued and our view is that they support, not hinder, each other. They provide inspiring and powerful learning opportunities that lead to high-quality, original work with diverse influences.


Founded in 2010 as a small community youth orchestra with a difference, Tinderbox has grown to become a ground-breaking youth arts organisation, charity and social enterprise. We now work with hundreds of young people each year and have produced a number of award winning productions, working with local communities in Edinburgh & Scotland through to international collaborators in China, Chile, Croatia and Bosnia.

Tinderbox has opened up new territory and ideas, bringing together people of different ages, genres and disciplines, and inspiring a dynamic and creative community unlike any other.

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