Tutors and Mentors:

We work with a wide variety of tutors and mentors who have a wealth of experience in a range of musical genres and different artforms.  We are lucky to work with such great people and are very grateful for their support:
Marcus Britton, Morag Brown, Kate Charter, Graham Coe, Patrick Findlay, Clea Friend, Olivia Furniss, Pete Furniss, Chris George, Fraser Gray, Luci Holland, David Jamieson, Richard Kass, Mike Kearney, Doug Kemp, Tim Lane, Kate MacKay, Haftor Medboe, David O’Leary, Prof. Nigel Osborne, Danielle Phelps, Lorna Simpson, Dr. Harry Whalley, Dr. Derek Williams, Dr. Richard Worth.



Jellyman’s DaughterBlack Diamond ExpressNorth Atlantic OscillationBroken RecordsConquering Animal SoundHorn Dog Brass BandAnchorsongLipsync for a Lullaby


Composers and Arrangers:

Graham Coe, Peter Furniss, Matthew Hawke, Doug Kemp, Mike Kearney, Tim Lane, Prof. Peter Nelson, Jack Nissan, Prof. Nigel Osborne, Tom Pickles, Richard Worth.



Adventures in Light, Tom Clowney, Richie Cumming, Fraser Gray, Kate MacKay (Alchemy Arts), David Martin, Francesca Millar, Geri Loup Nolan, Greer Pester, Danielle Phelps, Madeline Pinkerton, Lorna Simpson, Katy Thomson.


Sound Engineers:

Garry Boyle (CP Productions), David O’Leary, Phil McBride (Sonic Lodge), Graeme Steel, Fiona Wylie, Napier University Sound Engineering Students.


Film and Photography:

Julien Pearly (Pundigrion Films), Istvan Magyar, Lorna Simpson, Jolly Milkman.