An Orchestral Revolution

Scotland’s leading young musicians release new single with
avant-garde Chinese rock star.

New Single – ‘Talking About Birds’: Out on 25st August 2019

– Talking About Birds, Part II (Radio Edit, 4 mins)
– Talking About Birds (full version)



Scotland’s pioneering young collective, the Tinderbox Orchestra, announce the release of their latest single ‘Talking About Birds’ – a spellbinding collaboration with avant-garde Chinese rock star, Song Yuzhe, from the acclaimed ensemble Dawanggang (German Music Critics Album of the Year Award; “Brings together the past and present, in the form of Asian folklore, sound art, Chinese opera and rock” BBC Radio 3)

‘Talking About Birds’ is an epic 16-minute journey in two parts. From soaring saxophone solos to barren soundscapes, experimental choirs and haunting folk melodies, the recording features over 100 musicians and singers aged 12 to 80. This awe-inspiring collaboration is underpinned by the thundering vocals of lead singer Song Yuzhe and the immense sound of the full Tinderbox Orchestra & backline. The result is a profoundly original, timeless piece of music that will take your breath away.

The track depicts a mystical scene from a new opera (in development) by Song Yuzhe, in which an unlikely gathering of animals undertake a boat crossing to a holy mountain and are held-up by a furious battle of birds overhead.

Part 1 opens with a beautiful and serene song that breaks suddenly into a relentless, mesmerising groove,
with towering vocals and a string of instrumental solos reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky. The track builds to an enormous climax before a calming mantra slows the music to a stand-still. Part 2 changes scene with a fast-paced, off-kilter folk melody, which dives unexpectedly into giant choruses that shake the heavens, before jumping back to the quiet intensity of the opening folk riffs.

‘Talking About Birds’ follows the successful release of Tinderbox’s debut album in 2017. The album received four-star reviews, and singles received spot plays on BBC Radio 6 Music (Tom Robinson) and on BBC Radio Scotland (Vic Galloway, Janis Forsyth). This radio play was complemented by a ferocious live show, which won them legions of new fans on the festival circuit, with visits to Latitude, Doune The Rabbit Hole and Hidden Door. The orchestra also collaborated with Scottish Album of the Year Award Winner Kathryn Joseph, joining the alt-folk luminary for special shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Building up to this release, Tinderbox Orchestra will be performing four shows on 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th August in the Pianodrome at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019. They will launch the single with a live performance of Talking About Birds with Dawanggang on the final show on 25th August.


‘A trip on a grand, ambitious and stimulating scale” **** The Scotsman
‘Spectacular’ **** The Guardian
‘Rave culture meets last night of the Proms’ – The Herald
‘A personal favourite’ – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music
‘An Orchestral Revolution’ – Edinburgh Evening News