DOBA Collection Point

We’re delighted to have joined DOBA as a collection point for plastic waste as part of the Precious Plastic network!

To find out more about the process visit the DOBA website

And drop on by to the Tinderbox Lab collection point to recycle your HDPE, LDPE and PP plastic trash, which DOBA will transform into creative & useful objects! 


Examples of plastic that DOBA recycle:

Anything with a HDPE, LDPE or PP symbol on them such as:
milk bottles
kefir bottles
plastic caps
10l buckets
5l windscreen liquid bottles
old plastic tool boxes
spray glass cleaner bottles
washing up liquid bottles

*DOBA do not recycle covid tests, zip ties, plastic cutlery, mushroom trays, yoghurt cups, toys, electronic waste, sport double caps, clear/seethrough bottles and trays. 


Find the Tinderbox Lab at The Ocean Terminal:
We are located on the Ground Floor of the old Debenhams shop (blue car park side of Ocean Terminal)
Access the Lab through the Ground Floor Debenhams shop entrance
If the shop shutters are down – ring Lab buzzer for access and someone will come to let you in

Search for the Ocean Terminal on Google Maps to find us!

Tinderbox Lab 
The Wee Hub
Ocean Terminal
74 Ocean Dr, Leith

The Wee Hub community space is managed by The Living Memory Association.