Join the Tinderbox Team!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always keen to welcome new volunteers onto our team!  We are currently looking for volunteers to help us run the following two projects.

img_6689_28525547782_oTinderbox Frontiers Music Collective

Our Tinderbox Frontiers Music Collective sessions will run on Tuesday evening from the 25th Oct – 13th Dec.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help with our weekly Tuesday night music sessions.  This may involve teaching and supporting young people in music and working as part of a team to help deliver a fun and engaging music session.

Click here for more information on Tinderbox Frontiers.


 Tinderbox Album

Tinderbox are launching their first album and will be looking for volunteers to help in the following teams:

  • Promo & Marketing
  • Tour
  • Album Launch
  • Educational Resources

If you would like more information or are interested in getting involved in any of the roles mentioned above then please contact us at <>


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