Basics & Beginners

Simply Piano is a great, free tool for absolute beginners! Click the image above for more, & to download.

Learn to read music notation with Pianote!

Try this 7 day course to get you started on keyboard!

Intermediate / Advanced

Try learning some scales! Can start with the “A Flat” Blues scale in the video above, & find even more in the following playlists: Piano Scales

Start learning some Jazz Piano with the above video, find the full playlist here: Pianote | Jazz Piano Playlist

Try these 60 exercises created by 19th Century French Composer C.L.Hanon, still used today!

Further Resources

Ultimate Guitar is an online platform for guitarists and musicians. Although primarily aimed at guitarist with guitar tab, it is full of chord sheets that can also be used by piano players who want to sign along to their favourite songs.