Lead Tutor Job Description

Tinderbox Youth & Community 

 Youth Music Collective & Orchestra Project

Job Description

Role: Lead Tutor (freelance)

Job Summary: Leading theplanning and delivery of weekly music workshops at Tinderbox Youth & Community hub leading to a performance. These workshops will come together with others across the city to form an exciting and collaborative youth music collective and a unique and contemporary youth orchestra.


  • One term between 2nd October 2018 and 18th December 2018. Workshops on various days and times, see below for details.
  • Training/induction sessions will take place on:
    • Tue 2ndOct 2018 5-8:30pm
    • Tue 9thOct 2018 5-8:30pm
  • Other group meetings, workshops, rehearsals and concerts will also be arranged in the course of the project.

Pay offered:

  • Fixed fee of £66 for workshops (2hrs delivery/engagement), inclusive of any set-up time, preparation and admin required for the workshops.
  • Any additional tutoring work required will be paid at a rate of £33/hr for delivery/engagement time (time spent actually working with the group).
  • Any additional group meetings, admin or preparation work required will be paid at £12.50/hr.

Note: Most workshops will be paid at the fixed fee above, and any additional work will be discussed and arranged at the rates described. If there is significant or unexpected extra work (or work of a different nature/timeframe) that comes up during the project we will try to support this within the budget, or help manage the workload using the people and resources we have available.

 Application Deadline: Midnight on Sunday 16th September

Job description:

You will be responsible for leading a series of music workshops with a group of young people at Tinderbox Frontiers Hub. You will support young people involved to play and write music – as a group and individually – and help them to use and explore music in the most positive ways for them.  The type of workshops and the way you work with the group can be flexible and should be adaptive and responsive to the people involved.

You will be part of a large team of Lead Tutors, Assistant Tutors, Apprentices, Youth Workers, and Volunteers, all working together to build an alternative and accessible youth music collective and orchestra, and to inspire young people in music who may not otherwise have these opportunities.  This team will be working with several different groups of young people and community groups across Edinburgh.  These groups will come together in different ways, performing with and alongside each other at events, and/or combining to form an orchestra playing their music.  With each group we would like to work on some original material from the group, as well as teaching some basic parts of one or more pieces so everyone can perform together in the orchestra. The groups have widely varying needs, structures, ages and behaviours, so we will have to be flexible and adaptive to bring to life what the different groups achieve in the best way possible, and in how we bring the different groups together as well.

The project also involves an apprenticeship scheme, supporting emerging community musicians to gain useful work experience and training in this area.  Apprentices will provide support to lead tutors to deliver the workshops, and you may be responsible for involving an apprentice in your workshops as well. You will have support to help manage apprentices and provide a useful placement for them.  Depending on the size and needs of the group, you may also have access to more experienced assistant tutors to help you as well.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • To lead group workshops at one of the designated community/youth groups.
  • To prepare music & activities for each workshop.
  • To work with & manage a team which may consist of an apprentices, extra assistant tutors, and volunteers as required, to help deliver and assist with the workshops – e.g. communicating times, roles and workshop content with them.
  • To communicate and liaise with other workshop teams to develop material and content for the concert and orchestra project, and to ensure those in your group are well supported.
  • To liaise with Tinderbox Frontiers Hub and Tinderbox staff to ensure all organisational and logistical details are in place for your workshop.
  • To be on time, responsible and professional in your conduct.
  • To attend all meetings and training events where required.
  • To help document workshops and share progress with other groups via an online forum.
  • To complete a short evaluation of each week and update the team and Tinderbox project manager via the online forum or directly.
  • To generally contribute to discussion and work as part of a team to build and shape the Tinderbox Frontiers project as it evolves.
  • To familiarise yourself with the Tinderbox Project Child Protection Code of Conduct.
  • To be aware of, and comply with, any child-safety regulations and other policies and procedures of Tinderbox and any partner organisations you may be working with.


Person Specification:

To be suitable candidate for this post you should be:

  • A highly experienced and motivated individual with a good level of musical ability, theory, and extensive experience working within youth music, community work and education.
  • Passionate about music, education and improving the quality of life of children and young people.
  • Able to see the potential in people, and be creative in how you work with people to best realise this potential.
  • Responsible, reliable and punctual.
  • Resourceful and able to adapt to changing plans or circumstances, which is often necessary due to the nature of the groups we work with.
  • Friendly and able to communicate well with young people.
  • Communicative and experienced in leading/working with a team.


Essential Experience:

  • Work-experience within youth music settings, such as group teaching or group music workshops.
  • Experience preparing and leading music workshops and/or educational courses with children and young people.
  • Work-experience with vulnerable groups and young people with behavioural support needs.
  • A good level of musical ability and experience playing with others in bands or ensembles.


Dates and Times:

Term dates and workshop times are outlined below. All apprentices will ideally work at the Tuesday Night hubs at North Edinburgh Arts with the possibility of working at other workshops by arrangement with the Lead Tutor.

  • Term 1: Tue 2ndOct – Tue 18thDec 2018


Currently the days/times for the different workshops are scheduled as below, though these may be subject to change depending on the needs of the group. These include set-up time for the workshops.

  • Tuesdays, 5pm – 8.30pm– Tinderbox Youth & Community Hub at North Edinburgh Arts
  • Other workshops will be arranged throughout the course of the programme.


Collaborating Groups & Organisations:

The core youth and community groups involved in the project are (with other partners/contributors potentially becoming involved as the project develops):

  • Kaimes School – working with young people with autism and additional support needs.
  • Rock Trust – Charity working with young people around homeless issues.
  • Muirhouse Youth Development Group – Drop in youth hubs at Pilton Youth and Children’s Project and North Edinburgh Arts centre.
  • Tinderbox Youth & Community Music Hub at North Edinburgh Arts – central music hub for the project.
  • Tinderbox Orchestras – Part of the wider Tinderbox Collective, these are contemporary youth orchestras for more experienced young musicians. The groups often collaborate and perform together.
  • Craigroyston Community High School.
  • Tomorrow’s People – Giving young unemployed people the confidence and the skills to find work, succeed in their new role, realise their potential, and value themselves.
  • Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity – Transforming the experiences of children and young people in hospital so they can be a child first and a patient second.
  • Howdenhall Secure Services Music Sessions
  • Amazing Harmonies Choir Workshops


The key aims of the project are:

  • Engaging young people in music who would not otherwise access these type of opportunities.
  • Creating opportunities for young people of diverse and often isolated and vulnerable backgrounds to take part in positive activities, meet and work with new people, and engage with wider networks.
  • Developing an all-inclusive and contemporary youth orchestra, accessible to young people who do not play any music through to experienced young musicians.
  • To build and grow an exciting and diverse creative collective of young people in Edinburgh.
  • To build a sustainable and lasting youth music hub in North Edinburgh Arts Centre as a base for Tinderbox Frontiers, and a place where young people can continue to attend if and when these workshops end.


Applications should consist of a cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position, and a recent CV including a reference.

Please email your application to admin@tinderboxcollective.org by Midnight on Sunday 16th September.

Shortlisted candidates may be asked to attend an interview to discuss the project and position.

If you have any questions or for an informal chat about the post, please contact Jed Milroy at jed@tinderboxcollective.org  or 07815 901429

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