Tinderbox Orchestra Sessions 2020

Tinderbox Orchestra Sessions 

  • Dates: Sundays from 9th Feb – 29th Mar and 26th Apr – 21st Jun
  • Time: 2 – 5pm
  • Venue: Jazz Bar, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
  • Fees: Pay what you can afford (Suggested donation, £3/week)
  • Age: 14-25
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced (see below for more details)

About Tinderbox Orchestra Sessions

Tinderbox Orchestra will be rehearsing at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh every Sunday from 2-5pm. If you play an instrument, or if you sing or rap, we’d love you to come and join us. You can join for the full terms & concerts, or drop in week-to-week when you are free. 

Each week, there will be a core band who will be rehearsing and developing an exciting set of original music in a range of styles.  We’ll be joined by different singers & collaborators, and will work on writing new arrangements & compositions, as well as different ways of improvising with an orchestra.  The rehearsals will build towards a series of gigs, festivals & other performances throughout the year.

There will be a wide mix of ages and abilities in the orchestra, from young players to emerging professionals, and the band has a very inclusive and supportive ethos.  There will be a mix of simple and challenging music, and there are easy and hard parts for every piece, so you should be able join in whatever level you are.  Singers & rappers usually join in & learn their parts by ear.  

As a guide for younger or less experienced players, if you know all the notes on your instrument you should be fine to join in.  Being able to read music will help, but we also do a lot of improvising and learning by ear, and people come from a range of musical backgrounds, so it’s a good place to develop these different skills too.  

If you have any questions or for more info please contact us at: