Tinderbox Orchestra Sessions

Tinderbox Orchestra Sessions 

  • Dates: Sundays, 2:30 – 5:30pm, 5th May – 16th June
  • Performance: Friday 16th June, 6-8pm pm, The Jazz Bar
  • Venue: Jazz Bar, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
  • Fees: Pay what you can afford (Suggested donation, £5/week)

About Tinderbox Orchestra Sessions

The idea is a bit like an orchestral jam session.  There will be a core orchestra each week who will be rehearsing and developing an exciting set of original orchestral music across different styles.  People can come and watch the sessions / rehearsals, and if you play an instrument or if you sing or rap, we’d love you to come and join in and play with the orchestra too.  You can join for the full course, or come week to week and join in at your own pace.

Who is the project for?

Musicians of any age and any instrument (including orchestral instruments, back-line instruments, singers and rappers) can join the orchestra, but the project has a focus on involving young musicians aged 14 – 25.

Note: if there are several of the same back-line instruments or several rappers on any week, you may have to take turns on different tunes.  There will also be choruses and singing in a number of pieces, and people can join in with this group too.

What level do I need to be to join in?

Some music will be easy to play and some will be difficult, and you can join in at the level that suits you.  We would like the sessions to feel accessible, exciting and challenging for both ‘intermediate’ musicians (grade 3-5 as a rough guide) and ‘advanced’ musicians (around grade 5-8 and above).  We will have a number of flexible scores, with basic and advanced parts, so you can join in where you feel comfortable.

Note: the grades are just a guide and you do not need to have had formal training on your instrument.  It will help if you can read music a bit, though this is not essential.


About Tinderbox Orchestra

Tinderbox Orchestra is a fusion of instruments, styles and people. An orchestra with the approach of a band, we write and perform original compositions and collaborate with exciting, contemporary bands & artists.  We love to experiment with ideas, collaborate, and try to do something new and inspiring with an orchestra.  

“A trip on a grand, ambitious and stimulating scale”

“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News

**** The Guardian **** The Scotsman **** The List


Contact us

Please contact admin@tinderboxproject.co.uk with any questions, or to register your interest in joining the orchestra sessions.

Please let us know your instrument, age and roughly what standard you are on your instrument (e.g. how long you have been playing, any grades or other musical experience).