“Rave Culture meets last night of the Proms” The Herald

“A trip on a grand, ambitious and stimulating scale” The Scotsman

“Makes the consequences of globalisation personal, it’s impressively powerful stuff” The Scotsman

“A spectacular modern band” The Guardian

“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News

“An unusual and curious idea, this is a meeting of cultures that typifies the spirit of the Fringe.” Broadway Baby

“Clashes cultures on very personal and emotive footing” **** fest

“Bright Sparks – Tinderbox 0rchestra challenges the preconceptions of classical music”. Classical Music Magazine feature

“A musical tour de force… This Tinderbox has already kindled something that dazzles” The List

Also featured on BBC Radio Culture Studio, BBC China, NME online, STV & The Skinny.

**** The Guardian, **** The Scotsman, **** The List, **** fest, **** Broadway Baby


“A carousel of conductors brought forth booming covers, symphonic original compositions and unique collaborations, sweeping from the deeply atmospheric to the psychedelic, contemporary and soulful.”

Jo Bell, The List (20/12/20)

“An orchestra is such a phenomenal musical beast […] It has so much depth and power but it’s stuck in a classical shell for a lot of the time. But you can use an orchestra to play any style of music. And I thought it would be fantastic to apply it to the music that I listen to.”

Jack Nissan, Creative Director

“Classical music has rules, they’re flexible rules but they’re still there. What this does is encourage you to think about music as a whole and not just one denomination. It’s been fantastic.”

Amanda Currie, Tinderbox Orchestra Participant




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