Apprenticeships & Professional Development

We run a variety of training & apprenticeships for young people of all ages, and are always looking for ways to link up young people with the professional scene. These include:

  • Creative Apprenticeships: for young musicians and artists – training and hands on experience in orchestration, conducting, leading sectional practices, and producing a show.
  • Young Arts Managers: Training and hands on experience in project managing, creative producing and arts administration.
  • Music in the Community Apprenticeships: Training, shadowing and hands on experience working in community music settings, teaching groups of young people and setting up community music programmes.Tinderbox Sessions
  • Tinderbox Sessions: Work experience for young musicians as session players for professional bands and music projects.

To date, we have run around 50 apprenticeships & professional development opportunities, many of which have led to future jobs or training, directly with Tinderbox & with other organisations.

“I have made the step from student to professional and I have Tinderbox to thank.” Matthew Hawke, 21