Tinderbox Orchestra

Tinderbox Orchestra is a fusion of instruments, styles and people. An orchestra with the approach of a band, we write and perform original compositions and collaborate with exciting, contemporary bands & artists.  We love to experiment with ideas, collaborate, and try to do something new and inspiring with an orchestra.

The Herald described us as “Rave culture meets the last night of the proms” – which isn’t too far off where we’d like to be!

“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News
“A Spectacular Modern Band” The Guardian
**** The Guardian **** The Scotsman **** The List

Performing at the Liquid Rooms in the Fringe 2014

Performing at the Liquid Rooms in the Fringe

We run orchestras catering to all levels of experience, from beginners through to top young professionals, and open to people aged 11 – 25.  Members of the orchestra can get involved in all aspects of the band, from writing and arranging music, conducting, organising concerts and everything else.

The orchestras are very creative and the people involved have a big say in the music they want to play and what they want to do with the band.  There is a focus on writing and performing original music, playing modern and contemporary styles that are meaningful to the people involved, and taking on interesting collaborations with bands and other artists.  It’s great fun and everyone is welcome!

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