Youth And Community

Bands, Instrumental lessons, Songwriting, Rapping, Sound-engineering, Arts/Crafts and more!

Age 10-18, from complete beginners to experienced young musicians.  Learn an instrument, write songs, join a band and a great place to try things out and meet people.

An amazing mix of people, ages and experience. Bursting with creativity, community spirit and a lot of fun!

We run over 100 youth and community workshops a year with young people of all ages and levels of ability, and everyone comes together though exciting and contemporary orchestras, events and other productions.

Tinderbox Orchestra Frontiers Project from Lorna Simpson on Vimeo.

Tuesday Hub at North Edinburgh Arts 

The orchestra rehearses before their first big concert!Based in North Edinburgh Arts, we run a weekly music hub for children & young people aged 8-21 and of all levels of experience, from those who have never played before to experienced young musicians. There is a live band, a studio & production group, songwriting, samba drumming and instrumental tuition – it is completely open access and runs termly blocks on Tuesdays free of charge. Alongside this we work with various partners around Edinburgh, currently including the Rock Trust, Kaimes School, Pilton Youth & Children’s Project, Drake Music and Muirhouse Youth Development Group.

Contact if you would like to get involved!


We work in close collaboration with a range of artists & organisations to help create crossover between these projects and other opportunities for young people who get involved. Partners have included:


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