Sights & Sounds of Isolation


Sights & Sounds of Isolation is a growing collection of creative expressions from young people, musicians, artists and youth workers in Tinderbox at this time. For more information about the projects we are running online click here.

Would you like to get involved too? Artist Rhona Sword has put together a public callout for contributions for Sights & Sounds of Isolation that she and others will develop into a series of collaborative videos and soundscapes.

Bethany Lane Online
by Tinderbox Collective

All our music and youth groups have been playing, rehearsing and recording together online, and this video is made up from all of these sessions, playing the Tinderbox classic Bethany Lane! The video is made in support of youthwork and local communities.

Collaborative Video #1
film by Rhona Sword

This was collaborative video with film and audio clips contributed by young people and musicians in Tinderbox’s different projects, and edited together to create a snapshot of our collective experience in isolation.

Tinderbox Tuesdays
Short Poem by Jack Nissan

A simple chance to gather
To see old faces, sing and see each other smile.
To hear a shy soul brave a song
And glow as others dance along.
We all need this once in a while.

All our interactions
Through this same old flat-screen view.
But something’s different here,
It cuts right through.

A genuine spark, a real connection,
Laughter, friends and true affection.
Things are changing oh so fast,
But there’s a hope in that spark.

Some of this is in the moment,
Some of this is new.
But it builds on years and years
Of holding ourselves true.

Of graft and care and staying close.
And reaching out when needed most.
Of sharing joy and laughs and fun,
Not giving up on anyone.

This is where that spark was made
In these foundations that were laid
And now no matter where we meet
Those smiles will never fade.

Looking for a washroom vacancy!
Moving image experiment by Sunny Yoon

Cabin Fever
by Rhona Sword and Sonia Killmann
A collaborative video piece by Rhona Sword & Sonia Killmann featured at

by Sonia Killman

A song from Niki
by Nicola Dunne

Public Callout for Contributions
Would you like to submit something for us to use in a collaborative video or soundscape?

We are asking the public for snippets of what you are seeing and hearing everyday – it could be a bit of video footage or a photograph, an audio recording from your daily walk, a short poem, a melody, a drawing, a recipe. Any and all contributions are welcome.

To submit media for the project, please send us a digital file (and your name if you’d like to be credited) via wetransfer addressed to

By sending us media you consent to us using it alongside other contributions from different people, in order to make these collaborative artworks, and to us sharing these online via our website and social media channels.

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