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Bethany Lane

The Tinderbox “anthem”, this recording features over 200 young musicians, a full orchestra, rappers, singers and drummers. More info and press release here.

Stream or download “Quetzalcoatl” at BandcampSpotifySoundcloudiTunes & major online outlets.


Stream or download “Quetzalcoatl” at BandcampSpotifySoundcloudiTunes & other online outlets.

“Quetzalcoatl” video by Oana Stanciu:

Bethany Lane Info

The ‘Tinderbox Anthem’, this track is the beating heart of the album, and the wider collective. It’s a rallying cry and an inclusive musical mission statement, as rappers squeeze in beside the string section, who jostle for space with a mighty all-ages choir. The piece has evolved over the years to include everyone the orchestra works with and features over 200 young performers. Whether it’s amateur young musicians or aspiring professionals, voices from across the city come together to make a mighty noise!

Quetzalcoatl Info 

Quetzalcoatl (pron. Ket-zal-ko-at-al) was written by guitarist Frazer Knox and came out of a Tinderbox workshop series called ‘Creative Sessions’ that brought together composers and bands from all manner of backgrounds for one-off orchestral collaborations. The track has since become a staple of our live shows and the process of writing and developing it has been a significant experience for Frazer as an emerging young composer:

“Hearing it in real life in front of me through an orchestra was an overwhelming moment of pride, where I suddenly felt like I could call myself a composer, because it’s real music, and it sounds like real music.”

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