Tinderbox Lab

During the lockdown Tinderbox Lab’s weekly ‘open studio’ sessions have gone online. Connecting over Zoom we’ve been demoing projects and exploring new platforms. We’ve dipped in and out of live-coding sessions of both visuals and music, explored the generative machine learning platform Runway ML and most recently, focussed on developing a 2D game.

The group have used the talents of their cross-disciplinary cohort to produce art, sound and music for the game, called ‘Chase Out The Bug’ and have designed and built it collaboratively in the game engine Construct 3. You can play an early version of the game here!

They have all been developing new skills in coding and online working, and have also joined in with online game jams, creating a game using Microsoft Powerpoint called Aliens vs Cows, which is linked below.

Tinderbox Lab artist Liam Dempsey has also been using Construct 3 and the skills developed in the lab to create his own game, Musical Asteroids. For anyone that attended our Room to Play showcase last year, you might remember Liam’s stuffed toys refitted with accelerometers that detect movement and play back sound. Musical Asteroids sees these ideas progress into an online platform and take on a new form – have a go for yourself here!

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