Tinderbox Orchestra Online Summer Sessions

We have been rehearsing and recording online with the Tinderbox Orchestra every week since the lockdown, and want to open these sessions up for the summer to anyone who’d like to join us!

Dates: Sundays, 19th July to 9th August
Times: 2-4pm (UK time) online on Zoom.
Ages: 14 – 25
Level: Intermediate to Advanced (approx. grade 4 up to grade 8+). We have music for
different levels but you should feel comfortable reading sheet-music and up for trying some
new things as it feels a bit different playing together online than in real life.


Course Outline
We like to mix the session up with a bit of reading music, improvisation & recording.  We will be rehearsing several pieces together in zoom calls each week, and the focus of these sessions is around making audio and video recordings that we share online. Have a look at the videos below for some examples that we have been making over the last few months.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on the following songs and arrangements:

– I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
– Daybreak Will Destroy You by Edinburgh song writer Hailey Beavis
– Sights & Sounds of Isolation – original group composition in the making

Click here for Sheet Music and Backing Tracks.

Orchestra & Electronics Online
We will also be trying out a brand new online orchestral and electronics experiment with award-winning sonic artist Yann Seznec! Playing together in real time online is sadly not possible in any normal kind of way due to internet latency, but we have been trying some ways to improvise and play together on zoom nonetheless and think that bringing some electronics into the mix be an interesting next experiment. We have no idea if it will work, but it will be fun to try!

What to expect from playing music online
When we come to play and record, we stream a guide track to play along to while everyone mutes themselves on Zoom, and records their instrument/voice. This means you’re recording through your audio device, not recording through Zoom.

We ask everyone to have a recording device ready if possible – this can be your phone, computer, or your own recording set up (see below). A set of headphones really helps the experience too, both the feeling of playing along to the music as well as the quality of the recording.

We ask players to send us the recording of their part after the session, or players can make new recordings outside of the session.

Then we bring all these tracks back together to make collaborative music videos that have been recorded together over Zoom calls!

What You Will Need for the Sessions:

  • Headphones
  • Computer or phone to access zoom
  • Recording device – you can use free computer software like audacity, or a phone or
    other recording device too (get in touch with us if you need a hand figuring this out).
  • Instrument or your voice!
  • Sheet music – on your device or printed out.

Please be aware that the sessions take place on a group video call – some bits about this are good and some less so, but we ask that people are patient and understanding with the technology and we all do our best to make it work and to feel as fun and rewarding as possible.

Get Involved!
If you would like to get involved, or have any questions, please contact admin@tinderboxcollective.org and we’ll send you a registration form.