Alternative Controllers and PureData with Ryan Scott




Alternative Controllers and Pure Data with Ryan Scott

Learn new ways of interacting with music and audio from sound designer and audio technologist Ryan Scott.


With open-source software (PureData and Wekinator) we will look at some exciting ways of performing and controlling digital instruments.

The workshop will begin by building a simple FM Synth in PureData. Next, we will look at an open-source machine learning middleware Wekinator. Then we will finish by controlling our synthesizer using the mouse on our computer, and built-in webcams.

While we will be doing some programming in PureData, no previous experience is required. We will also be dabbling with some machine learning concepts. That said we will be using the very user-friendly program Wekinator, so no previous knowledge or experience with machine learning is required. This workshop is for anyone interested in using alternative controllers to control synthesizers or those who want an introduction to incorporating machine learning in the arts.

About Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a sound designer for multimedia and audio technologist. He has worked on a variety of projects including video games, films, theatre, broadcast sport, and installation art.


This workshop will use the software Pure Data and Wekinator, both are freely available online. Participants are required to come to the workshop with a laptop with both installed. if this is an issue, please get in touch, we have spare laptops that participants may use.

Although it is not required, some experience of Pure Data will be beneficial to the participant.

Ages 16 +