Setting Up & Cleaning

Learn to tune your guitar!

Useful tuning software from Fender!

There are lots of free tuning apps and softwares out there which you can use! Here are just a few:
Apple | Pitched Tuner – Tuning App
Google Play | Tuner – Pitched!

To learn how to clean your guitar, check out Yamaha’s Musical Instrument Guide here: 
Guitar | Basic Care & Maintenance

Basics & Beginners

Lauren Bateman offers a huge range of material for beginners! The video above is just the start, see the full range here: Lauren Bateman Beginner Playlists!

Learn TV Theme Tunes from Marty Music, follow this link for a full playlist!

Guitar Tablature, commonly known as “tab”, is a method of notating music for guitar. Watch the video above to learn how to read it.

Intermediate / Advanced

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, try learning some more advanced songs – a full playlist of videos available here: Intermediate Guitar Songs!

Further Resources

Ultimate Guitar is an online platform for guitarists and musicians. It’s website and mobile application provides guitar tab catalogues and chord sheets! 

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