Introduction to Modular Synthesis with PatchEd




Introduction to Introduction to Modular Synthesis with PatchEd

Learn the fundamentals of modular synthesis in the open-source VCV Rack environment and get hands-on with some physical modules!


Modular synths have rocketed in popularity in recent years, spawning both a culture of devoted DIY enthusiasts and a myriad of micro-genres. While modular synthesis is often associated with daunting jargon, cryptic interfaces and eye-watering price-tags, this  workshop will take you beyond the tangle of cables and bleeping LEDs and give you an understanding of synthesis fundamentals along with fun example patches and a track to take away without needing to fork out on a full Eurorack!

  • learn synthesis fundamentals
  • build musical, percussive and experimental patches
  • perform your patches through physical modular units
  • leave with a performable patch on VCV Rack and a recorded track

The workshop is aimed at beginners and no prior knowledge is required. It will focus primarily on modular synthesis within the context of VCV Rack but also feature performances and hands-on learning with physical custom-built units from Ben and Sönam.


PatchED is a regular modular synth meet-up in Edinburgh hosted by Ben Jones.


Ben Jones (Obakegaku)

Edinburgh based producer Ben Jones has been recording and performing ambient music as Obakegaku for the past several years. Over this time he has experimented with a variety of hardware synthesizers, samplers, field recordings and tape loops; but for the past 2 years has been focussing on modular synthesis. Ben continues to use VCV rack as a learning tool and an extension of his recording equipment.

Following a productive 2019, in 2020 he aims to bring more modular community events to Edinburgh through patchED; as well as continue to perform and record music.



Sönam Gray

Sönam Gray/FLOA is a Sound Designer.

From an early age he was experimenting with sampling on ghetto blasters and early zx spectrum software. Through dj’ing to later professional sound work and production inc foley and field recording, he has worked with and around mainstream acts and actors on music videos, games, commercials and film work, from London to New York and LA.

Tired of software and cpu limitations, he turned to modular synthesizers as his weapon of choice, immersing in the language of control voltage, of which he also holds an MA in Sonic Arts.

His 3 latest albums are on Spotify, under his alias FLOA; with more destined this year and beyond.



Additional Info

We’ll be working largely in the VCV Rack environment, an open-source modular emulator. VCV Rack is free and available for Mac, Window and Linux environments.

Participants are asked to bring their own headphones and laptop with VCV Rack installed prior to the event. Detailed installation instructions for VCV Rack will be sent out to participants the week before the workshop.

If you are unable to bring your own equipment please get in touch with us, as we have spares we can lend you.

If you need help with any of this just let us know at lab(at)

Ages: 16+