Introduction to SuperCollider with Tom Mudd




Introduction to SuperCollider with Tom Mudd

Make music with code in this intro to SuperCollider with composer and music technologist Tom Mudd.


SuperCollider is a free software that allows you to create real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound.

In this introduction to SuperCollider with musician and sound artist Dr Tom Mudd we will look at how to get up and running in the very exciting, but sometimes slightly cryptic world of SuperCollider. We will look at generating the basics of audio in SuperCollider: generating simple synthesis sounds. We will also look at generating patterns to generate melodies and structures. Finally, we will look at how these aspects can be brought together and coded live as is often done in Live Coding and Algorave performances.

The workshop will involve text-based coding in SuperCollider, but no prior knowledge of coding or of SuperCollider will be assumed as the workshop is suitable for total beginners, or those looking for a refresher. The workshop is intended to be a friendly introduction to SuperCollider, giving you the groundwork so that you can continue to learn yourself with online resources. If you are a musician (computer musician or not) or artist interested in sound, or interested in a fun entry to text-based programming, then this workshop is for you!

Tom Mudd

Tom Mudd is a composer and lecturer in Creative Audio Programming and Computer Music Systems, Music at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Workshop Details

Participants are asked to bring their own laptop, with SuperCollider downloaded and pre-installed. Please also bring headphones and your laptop power charger. If you are unable to bring your own equipment please get in touch with us, we have spares we can lend you.

SuperCollider can be downloaded for free here:

Additional audio files as may be required for the workshop will be emailed in advance to participants who have booked tickets.

Ages: 16+