Setting Up & Cleaning

Learn to set up your mouthpiece & reed

Learn to set up the body of the saxophone!

Click the image above to learn how to clean your instrument, with some daily care & maintenance.

Basics & Beginners

Here are 3 songs from the band QUEEN! for beginners to play.

Alternatively, try these 3 songs from artist Bruno Mars! 

Try these 5 lessons with Better Sax to get you started! The first one is in the video above, the rest are in the following playlist: 5 Lessons with Better Sax

Intermediate / Advanced

If you’re comfortable playing the saxophone at a beginner level, check out Saxophone Academy!  They have lots of material available, see the video above for a taste.

Alternatively, try the Online Saxophone Academy! See a taste above, & learn to play/solo over the famous song TAKE FIVE!

Further Resources

SAXPLAINED is an excellent youtube channel for beginners and beyond.

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