Virtual Studio & Game Design

During the lockdown the Tinderbox Lab has been running weekly Virtual Studio & Game Development sessions, where young musicians and artists have been getting together to share skills, help keep each other motivated and work on different projects. 

So far, together the Lab artists have looked at some live-coding and online digital art platforms, such as a generative machine learning platform called Runway ML, group coding with Estuary, and collaborative story-making with MURAL.

More recently the sessions have also ventured into game-development projects where we have been learning various online game-making tools such as bitsy, GB Studio, and Construct 3, sharing and making online games together.

We recently entered the PowerPoint Game Jam too, where we made our game Aliens Vs Cows, which you play via a PowerPoint file! 

You can have a look at a few things we’ve made below, and try some of the games out too!

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 12.24.42
Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 17.51.31