Tinderbox Makerbox

Electronic crafty kits for children & young people!

The Tinderbox Makerbox kits are available to youth & community organisations to use & distribute, and to children & young people aged 18 or younger, free of charge, while our stocks last. Get in touch with admin@tinderboxcollective.org to find out more and order your kits!


We’re thrilled to announce our TINDERBOX MAKERBOX series of electronic crafty kits for children & young people! 

These kits are exciting and creative ways to explore the basics of electronics and make something fun in the process!

We have two kits to choose from: 

  • Jingle Baubells
    Make your own noisy electronic festive decorative bauble, that rings a bell when switched on!
    Age range:
    Time to complete: 1/2hours
  • Glowed Up
    Turn a pair of gloves into an interactive light using conductive thread!
    Age range:
    Time to complete: 3hours

Learning Materials

The kits come with instructions explaining everything you need to know to build the crafty project.

You can also peruse our digital instructions and videos as you go too.

If in doubt please contact us at admin@tinderboxcollective.org and we’ll be happy to help! 


We also offer tutorial and support workshops where you can build the kit with the artists who designed them, and ask any questions that come up along the way.

Currently we are organising these as online sessions, held via a Tinderbox zoom account and led by a team of tutors and apprentices.

If you or the organisation you work for are interested in a workshop session or have questions about the kit, please email us at admin@tinderboxcollective.org to find out more.


Partners & Supporters

This project is funded and made possible by The University of Edinburgh Local Community Grants Scheme and Creative Scotland. 

With thanks to supporting groups:

  • North Edinburgh Arts
  • Amazing Harmonies
  • LGBTY Scotland

Design Team

These kits have been designed by our amazing team of apprentices at the Tinderbox Lab:

  • Rhona Sword
  • Dominika Jackowska
  • Liam Dempsey
  • Saskia Singer

With special thanks to Helen Leigh for consulation and support of the kits.


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