Kathryn Joseph is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician. Her debut album Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled won the 2015 Scottish Album of the Year Award.

Tinderbox Orchestra have collaborated most recently with Kathryn during our 2019 Fringe Show at the Pianodrome.


With their live performances including vocal and percussive elements, Sink work in a variety of musical contexts, from performing at concert venues and music festivals to creating original soundtracks to silent films, site-specific performances in unusual spaces, and collaborating with visual artists.

Influenced by Beethoven, Cage, Zorn and Leon’s dog Daisy, yet undefined by any genre, Sink pull visceral and extraordinary music out of thin air.


Dawanggang is a musical ensemble created by Song Yuzhe, an eclectic musician from the North East of China. While the name Dawanggang has no other meaning than what you see above, the content of the music reaches far and broad, from nomadic themes of Western China to broad experimental lines, touching on folk tales and giving a big sense of space. The band is of flexible composition and wants to bring together musicians from all sorts of musical, cultural, ethnical backgrounds so as to reach beyond differences and create new musical dimensions.

Screenshot_2020-07-31 Lydia Bennett