Tinderbox Orchestra Online

We have been rehearsing, recording and making music videos online with the Tinderbox Orchestra every Sunday afternoon on zoom since the start of the lockdown.  We are on a break just now, but please get in touch if you’d like to get involved in future online projects.

We have also been exploring ways of improvising and playing live together online, which is sadly not possible in any normal kind of way due to the lag or latency you experience through the internet.  Our latest experiment has been to introduce some live electronics into the band as a collaboration with artist Yann Seznec.  Yann has been using Pure Data to capture the sound coming out of zoom, adding effects and distorting it in different ways, and then sending it back to the musicians to interact with! 

Have a look below at some of the videos below that we have made in these sessions, and a first couple of attempts at the live electronics idea.

For more online music & artwork by Tinderbox Collective, have a look at our Sights and Sounds of Isolation page.

Contact admin@tinderboxcollective.org for more info.