1st Tuesday Hub Of 2018

Fantastic start to the year with our first Tuesday Hub at North Edinburgh Arts. 35 young people and a team of 18 volunteers, apprentices, youth workers and tutors.

The atmosphere was buzzing. It was brilliant to see so many people coming down. Lots of familiar faces and lots of new faces. It was great to see some people coming down from our other workshops at Craigroyston High on Thursdays and the Rock Trust on Mondays.

This is the second term of the Tuesday Hub where we haven’t felt the need to put up fliers or posters because we have found that word of mouth and the regularity of what we are doing is working enough on it’s own. Being based at North Edinburgh Arts really helps in being able to remind young people when we are going to be starting up again as we see them on their lunch breaks from school when they visit the cafe.

Tonight I was especially reminded of the value of the large age range at the hub. Having an even spread from 7 – 25 really means that there are all kinds of interactions and informal mentoring relationships happening. One particular person from the Rock Trust being an incredible drummer and showing off his skills on the open stage really blew everyone away and helped start the term of with some inspiration for everyone.