Tinderbox Collaborate with Sink at Pianodrome

‘The Pianodrome is a state of mind’ says Tim Vincent-Smith, one of the Directors of the project and Saturday the Tinderbox Orchestra entered that state of mind. We were safely guided on our journey by the custodians of the Pianodrome, the amazing and improvisational band ‘Sink’. We were joined by a large group of young singers fresh off the coach from Fingal for their first experience of Scottish Culture. Fingal Youth Choir may have received a slightly unusual view of how we do things in Scotland, but they certainly got stuck in with the music.

It was a day of improvisation and movement. Goosebumps and big ideas. Separate projects all joining together to feel, very naturally, like one big project. People simply getting to know each other by experimenting though music. All the more enjoyable in the beautiful setting of Inverleith House in Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens.

Once again I find myself saying, ‘this is what it’s all about’.

Watch out for video footage of the event coming soon.