Artificial Images: An introduction to art and machine learning

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Mon 1st March, 15:00 – 16:00 (GMT)

Talk + Q&A (Zoom Event)

An introduction to art and machine learning.



An exploration of generating and creating art with machine learning, with artist and AI researchers Derrick Schultz and Lia Coleman.

Derrick Schultz

Artificial Images is the art practice of Derrick Schultz. Utilizing cutting edge machine learning technology, his work explores multisensory perception, generative abstraction, and the future of ecology.

In addition to creating his own work, Derrick also teaches machine learning to artists, designers, and image makers. Artificial Images courses combine small group personal instruction with a digital community from across the world.


Twitter: @dvsch

Instagram: @dvsmethid

Lia Coleman

Lia Coleman is an artist, AI researcher, and educator. She makes art with AI and teaches others how to do it.

Lia teaches machine learning art at Rhode Island School of Design, as well as classes through Artificial Images. She has spoken on AI art at NeurIPS, New York University, RISD, Mozilla Festival, Gray Area, and Partnership on AI. Her writing on AI and new media art has been published by Princeton Architectural Press and Neocha Magazine. Lia holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an alumnus of the School for Poetic Computation in NYC.

Website: |

Twitter: @Lialialiacole

Instagram: @liacole7

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