Thomas Kildren (Fletcher Studios)

Thomas Kildren

Wed 3rd Mar, 13:00 – 13:45 (GMT)

Speaker (Mini-Talks)
Virtual Reality (VR) Mini-Talks


Hi. I’m Thomas. I’m a stay at home dad; and I’m making a VR game based on the drawings of my kid.

He’s on the autism spectrum and doesn’t talk much – but he really likes to draw. The game is a 3rd person platformer centered around exploration, helping others and solving problems. If the game takes off – I want to donate part of the proceeds to autism awareness and acceptance.

Thomas ‘Fletcher’ Kildren is a creative powerhouse from NYC, now living in the gritty Rust Belt. Trained as an illustrator, he made the jump to digital as a Photo Editor at the New York Post. He soon taught himself other disciplines like 3D modeling & animation. VR development has been his biggest achievement, as its the culmination of all his previous disciplines & his fervent hope is that ‘Booper, Get Home!’ will be the launch of his game dev career. He is currently juggling game dev while being a stay-at-home dad tending to a wife, 2 boys and a neurotic housecat.

Twitter: @thomaskildren

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