Charly Harbord


Thu 25th Feb 13:30 – 14:15 (GMT)

Games Research with University of Glasgow Games & Gaming Lab

Charly Harbord works at Abertay University as well as doing a PhD on RPGs to enhance second language acquisition focussed on Mandarin and English. She wrote a chapter in ‘Digital Games and Language Learning’ and is an Applied Game Designer in Residence for Women in Games. Charly founded ‘The Kilted Otter Initiative’ a research-based Gaelic Game Jam.  She is looking forward to working on creating an app for Indigenous Languages with the members of First Nations.

The Kilted Otter Initiative is a research-based extended Gaelic game jam focusing on exploring Scottish heritage, culture and language and is open to anyone.  Created by Abertay University staff from the School of Design and Informatics and supported by MG ALBA and Women in Games, the project aims to create collaborative experiences and make games design and Gaelic accessible to all.  It will embed Gaelic within games ensure it is not lost from Scottish culture.


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