Luci Holland

Lici Holland

Luci Holland (Festival Director)

Luci Holland is a composer, performer, conductor and sound artist who writes and produces music & audiovisual art for games, film, and concert.
Fascinated with interactive sound, Luci composed the original dynamic/responsive game music for Blazing Griffin‘s 2018 release Murderous Pursuits, and has built site-specific sound art installations like with CITADEL (Hidden Door 2017) and Refraction with (Cryptic 2018).
Luci also works with arts organisations such as Tinderbox Collective as a musical director, arts producer and programme manager, desgining and delivering opportunities for collaboration and empowerment through creativity, and presents a weekly national show celebrating video game music in The Console with Scala Radio.


Twitter: @LuciHolland 
Soundcloud: luci-holland
Facebook: LuciHollandMusic


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