The Gamba Geek

Agueda Macias

Fri 5th Mar, 20:30 – 20:45 (GMT)

Performer (Live Music Stream)
Live Music Stream / Headline

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Águeda Macias is a Brazilian viola da gamba player, arranger and composer passionate about fusing modern music, particularly video game music, with Renaissance and Baroque aesthetics. Her main platform is her YouTube channel, where she posts videos of her singing and playing the viola da gamba, luteguitar, recorder and harpsichord under the pseudonym The Gamba Geek. She is a member of video game music collectives Coin Ops. and Gamelark Records, contributing regularly to albums and EPs. Currently she lives in Germany, where she specializes in Early Music at the University of Arts Bremen.

YouTube: @thegambageek 
Instagram: @thegambageek
Twitter: @thegambageek
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