Children & Young People

We run a range of creative workshops for schools & youth groups, bringing electronics and digital technology together with music and the arts.

From building robots to designing computer games and making synthesisers, the workshops teach about topics such as basic circuits, electronics, computer coding and software.  They are creative, fun and rewarding, and we have workshops for different ages and group-sizes.

These workshops often cross-over with Tinderbox’s other programmes, including projects in their digital arts lab, orchestra and music hubs. This creates pathways for young people to develop their interests in different ways, and lots of crossovers between music, arts and technology.

Previous Projects

Tinderbox Online Games Club

Tinderbox Makerbox – electronic crafty kits

The Emporium of Digital Delights with Prewired++

Edinburgh Festival of Sound – Build a Synth Workshop

LGBT Youth – basic electronics and game design project for young people aged 16-21

True North Festival Aberdeen – Music and electronics with children aged 10-14

Tinderbox Tuesday Hub @ North Edinburgh Arts – Weekly electronics and sound station at Tinderbox’s youth music hub in Muirhouse, Edinburgh.