Children & Young People

We run a range of creative workshops for schools & youth groups, bringing electronics and digital technology together with music and the arts.

From building robots to designing computer games and making synthesisers, the workshops teach about topics such as basic circuits, electronics, computer coding and software.  They are creative, fun and rewarding, and we have workshops for different ages and group-sizes.

These workshops often cross-over with Tinderbox’s other programmes, including projects in their digital arts lab, orchestra and music hubs. This creates pathways for young people to develop their interests in different ways, and lots of crossovers between music, arts and technology.

If you are interested in a games design, creative technology or other workshop for your school or youth group, please contact us at

Current Projects for Children & Young People

  • Games Club workshops (Monday evenings (online) and Saturday mornings (in-person)): Design computer games with other young people and learn about coding through creative game-design programmes such as Bitsy and Construct 3.
  • Tinderbox Makerbox: Series of electronic crafty kits & workshops for children & young people! Available while stocks last.
  • Synth-making and Introductions to Electronics: Build a basic synthesiser and make incredible sounds using simple circuits and a speaker! Get in touch with us to arrange a synth-making or electronics workshop.


Some feedback from people at our workshops include:

“I’m going to go home and take this apart so I can build it from scratch again!“ (Makerbox workshops)

“This is so cool” (Makerbox workshops)

“It’s been amazing!” (Game On! workshops)

“It deserves more than a 5 (out of 5)! It isn’t a number – it’s more than a number!” (Game On! workshops)

“All the young people really enjoyed it” (youth worker at Game On! workshops)

Game On!

Game On!

Graphic design by Biome Collective

Previous Projects

  • Game On! Voice in the City – Games Design Workshops / led by Tinderbox & Biome Collective (with  Young Peoples Futures & Articulate)
  • Tinderbox Lab at the Wee Hub Summer Fayre
  • Makerbox at North Edinburgh Community Festival
  • Digi Schoolhouse – Tinderbox first Schoolhouse in Scotland (2021-23)
  • Makerbox Workshops at Craigroyston Community High School
  • Tinderbox Games Workshops at Howdenhall Centre
  • The Emporium of Digital Delights with Prewired++
  • Edinburgh Festival of Sound – Build a Synth Workshop
  • LGBT Youth – basic electronics and game design project for young people aged 16-21
  • True North Festival Aberdeen – Music and electronics with children aged 10-14
  • Tinderbox Tuesday Hub @ North Edinburgh Arts – Weekly electronics and sound station at Tinderbox’s youth music hub in Muirhouse, Edinburgh.