Funders and Supporters

We are extremely grateful to all our funders and supporters, who enable much of this work to happen.

Current funders and supporters include

Creative Scotland

Edinburgh University Community Grant

North Edinburgh Arts

OneCity Trust

Random Arts Giving

Robertson Trust

The Jazz Bar (Edinburgh)

Previous funders & supporters include:

British Film Institute – Into Film

British Council Connections Through Culture

Border Crossing Media

Cashback for Creativity

Confucious Institute

Creative Scotland Youth Music Initiative

Daisy Chain Trust

Edinburgh Lothian Trust Fund

First Port/Scotland Unltd.

Foundation Scotland

Hope Scott Trust

Pump House Trust

Russell Trust

Santander Social Enterprise Development Award

The Melting Pot

bfi into film


Confucius Institute

connections through culture

Daisy Chain Trust

The Jazz Bar


The Melting Pot

Pump House Trust

Queen's Hall

Russell Trust



Warehouse Sound


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