Journey of a Thousand Wings

Since 2013, we have brought together some amazing artists, young people and community projects from different countries, through a range of art installations, orchestras, theatre shows and other projects.  These have come together under the banner Journey of a Thousand Wings, taken from the title of a collaborative arts project by Kate MacKay that led to many of these projects.

Water from Breaking Gold (2016)

“Brings together the past and present, in the form of Asian folklore, sound art, Chinese Opera and rock” BBC Radio 3

Collaboration between Tinderbox Orchestra and award winning Chinese band Dawanggang (German Album of the Year Award), for a performance at The Caves in Edinburgh in 2016. The event also featured a public masterclass with lead singer and composer Song Yuzhe.

Journey of a Thousand Wings – Art Installation (2013 – 2015)

Exhibited at Summerhall Edinburgh 2013, and The Southbank London 2015

A collaborative art installation exploring migration by artist Kate MacKay in which hundreds of silk swallows travelled to communities and schools in Edinburgh, Beijing and Delhi. They picked up haikus (short poems) on their wings about people’s remembered or imagined places.

The swallows and their stories returned to the Edinburgh Festival for an installation at Summerhall in August 2013.  The exhibition has continued to evolved, inspiring many of the projects here, and featuring at the Southbank Centre in London in 2015.

Hand Made in China: Moons, Migration & Messages (2014)

Scotsman Fringe First Award 2014 for outstanding new writing & innovation in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

First-hand stories of migration and daily life in China, told in a unique rickshaw theatre during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.

“An unusual and curious idea, this is a meeting of cultures that typifies the spirit of the Fringe.” ****
 Broadway Baby

“Delicate and sweet-natured performance clashes cultures on very personal and emotive footing” ****

“Makes the consequences of globalisation personal, it’s impressively powerful stuff” ****
 The Scotsman

Journey of a Thousand Wings – Orchestra (2013, 2014)

Tinderbox Project @ Edinburgh Mela 2014Inspired by the art installation above, we formed a Journey of a Thousand Wings Orchestra in 2013 that brought together music from China, Chile, India and the Balkans, writing & performing original compositions, collaborating with international acts, and creating a multicultural orchestra unlike any you have heard before! We performed at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall in 2013, and The Liquid Rooms and Mela Festival 2014.

Beijing-Edinburgh Community Rickshaw Gallery (2013 -2017)

The Beijing-Edinburgh Community Rickshaw Gallery is a mobile performance and exhibition space which lives in a community centre in an area called Ya Men Kou in the suburbs of West Beijing.  It has has also acted as a mobile library for the community, collecting and sharing donated books, and sometimes a quirky taxi service too!

The project was set up and is run by community activists Luo QiangQiang (XiaoQiang) in Beijing and Jack Nissan in Edinburgh, and Tinderbox Collective acquired a sister rickshaw in Edinburgh for the the show described above – “Hand Made in China: Moons Migration & Messages”. The plan is for the rickshaws to share stories and exhibitions from their local communities and to open up an unusual window for dialogue and community exchanges.

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