Partnerships & Commissions

We are keen to work with people and organisations to build and develop exciting new ideas and projects.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact

Projects In Development:

  • Pianola Nova – an interactive R&D project connecting two upright pianos remotely & electronically.
  • Makin’ Stuff with Yann: Members of the orchestra have been working with Yann Seznec over the summer, and over recent Zoom sessions livestreamed through Twitch, to experiment with new tech and ways of making music in real time remotely – see more about it here
  • Bespoke digital instruments & hardware for the Tinderbox Orchestra.
  • VST / plugin of unusual orchestral sounds and effects for composers & producers.
  • “Gloam in 5 Parts” – an interactive orchestral recording and original composition, in collaboration with Biome Collective.