Pianola Nova!

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Pianola Nova is an interactive sculpture that links two acoustic pianos in different locations. Each piano will play the other in almost real time so as one piano plays, the other re-creates the performance. Perform to people in one city while playing in another. Play live duets remotely, with a friend or a complete stranger. And explore other possibilities opened up by the new technology behind the Pianola Nova.

It is a work in progress – an R&D project designed and built by Tinderbox Collective, in response to a Creative Informatics Challenge Project set by Pianodrome.

The lead artists are Luci Holland and Martin Disley from Tinderbox Collective, and we’ve worked with a great team including Ted Koterwas, Sam Healy, Yann Seznec, Alasdair Anderson, Lewis MacDonald, Dominika Jackowska, Oliver Entwisle and Old School Fabrications to help us along the way.

Leeds International Piano Festival

4th-19th September

The very first exhibit of this sculpture will connect two cities – Edinburgh & Leeds – through a musical portal for the duration of the Leeds International Piano Competition, which runs from 4 – 19 September. It is part of the Leeds Piano Trail and forms one of 10 sculptures created by the Pianodrome to coincide with the Leeds Piano Competition . 

One piano will live in Summerhall in Edinburgh, and the other in the University of Leeds Student Union.  They can be played at any time, or you can book a slot to attempt a duet with an unknown musical date in the other city.


Pianola Nova – Leeds


The Leeds-based Pianola Nova is in the University of Leeds Student Union, and part of the Leeds Piano Trail.  

Visiting hours are 9am – 10pm, 4-19th Sept.
Address: University of Leeds Student Union
Lifton Place, Leeds, LS2 9JZ

Pianola Nova – Edinburgh


The Edinburgh-based Pianola Nova will be exhibited and available to play in Summerhall.

Visiting hours are 9am – 10pm, from 4-19th Sept.
Address: 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

Musical Dating Service!

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We are organising a series of cross-city duets on this experimental musical sculpture in Edinburgh and Leeds, and we’re looking for pianists to get involved from both cities!  Your musical date sits at the other piano – as they hear your performance they can respond and vice versa. A musical conversation begins. What happens next is up to you and your date – will this be a musical match made in heaven?

Book your slot to play the Pianola Nova and find out!

Making the Pianola Nova