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Outwith Words is a collaborative Orchestra and Spoken Word project with Tinderbox Orchestra and the Loud Poets.

Music Workshops & Courses

Tinderbox have a number of courses and programmes that cross over with each other and come together wherever possible.  We have run a huge variety of music and orchestra courses all over Scotland, working with small groups to groups of over 100 young people!  We can offer orchestra courses and music workshops that cater to all abilities from ages 10-25, and that are tailored to each groups needs and interests.  In the past we have run music workshops and courses with various schools and organisations across Scotland.  These have ranged from 2 hour crash courses, to month long regular courses, usually leading up to a large performance and crossing over with other Tinderbox projects.  


Flexi Scores & Part 3's

In order to help support large groups of such varying abilities, over the years we have developed flexible scores and ‘part 3’s’ which provide more accessible options, so that everyone in the group can get involved and have fun making music together!

To see some examples of our part 3’s & Flexi scores click here.


If you are interested in Tinderbox running a course at your school or organisation, or if you would like to find our more about what we can offer please get in touch with us at <admin@tinderboxcollective.org>

For more information of our current and past orchestra courses / workshops please click to button below. 

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