Supporting Jazz Jamaica, Urban Soul Orchestra and Brinsley Forde

On Friday November 2nd, the Tinderbox Orchestra was invited by Jazz Jamaica, Urban Soul Orchestra and Brinsley Forde (Aswad) to perform in their final show of the tour. An orchestra member describes the experience…

It came as a surprise to all of us: the new term had just started and we already had a gig planned! We opened the night with three great tunes: Tinderbox’s original composition ‘Bethany Lane’, ‘Fire’ by Hendrix, and ‘Live Free or Die’ by Toby Mottershead from Black Diamond Express.

As this was my first Tinderbox gig, I was looking forward to performing violin in the Usher Hall in completely different style to what I had done in the past. Before I had only performed classical music on this stage in a quartet or in a symphony orchestra; on that night, I was performing rock music, standing up and I had a microphone attached to my instrument.
Jazz Jamaica, the Urban Soul Orchestra and Brinsley Forde were incredible and the solos from the band were extremely imaginative and very virtuosic. As the evening went on, the audience enjoyed their playing so much that they got out of their seats to dance in the aisles!

Tinderbox was delighted to have taken part in this spectacular event! Massive thanks to everyone who organised this concert in such a short amount of time and the musicians who performed. Hopefully we will have more and more wonderful opportunities like this in the future!

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