Open Workshop- Orchestral Improvisation

Join us for the day 10.30am-5pm to find out what Tinderbox is all about and play amongst the energetic Mike Kearney Katet for a day of orchestral improvisation!

We are holding an open-day workshop exploring orchestral improvistation with the Mike Kearney Katet and their system of conductor led improvistion along with small ensemble work in a ‘battle-of-the-bands’ style session and rehearsal of some Tinderbox tunes in the afternoon!

You don’t need to have previously been a member of Tinderbox, just play any instrument be aged 13-25 and above grade 5 standard. Email to book your place!

Click here to join the Facebook event…

Click here to see some Tinderbox Session players in action with the Mike Kearney Katet a while back!

If you can’t make it but would like to hear about future opportunities you could sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @TinderboxProj

Many thanks to Madeline Pinkerton for the lovely illustrated poster!

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