Frontiers Film (2014)

frontiers film

An exciting new film and animation project taking over the streets of Edinburgh as a platform for performance, projection and expression.

Over 10 weeks young people will work with professional artists, film makers, animators, performers, vjs and musicians to create 2 short films which will be screened across Edinburgh.
Interested in coming along? No film experience is necessary, you bring enthusiasm and commitment and our team of artists and tutors will help you achieve your goals.

Through this course young people will have the chance to gain:

  • Professional experience which will support applications to employment and education
  • Links to professionals and settings which can lead to further work experience and placements
  • A unique opportunity to work with an inspiring team to create 2 films which will be screened publicly
  • The chance to try out a range of activities with a team of young people including film making, editing, animation, parkour, street art, music, v.j and projection mapping.
  • The chance to express yourself through the arts and make your voice heard!

The course takes place at

Media Education
183 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh
EH11 2EB

and starts on the 24th October 2014


Fri Film Club, 5pm – 7pm

The Fri Film club is a chance for us to all get together to watch and discuss interesting and alternative films together as a group. We will use the films we watch as inspiration for our own projects. This will be a fun session where we can all share ideas, look at how our projects are progressing and create an action plan of what we would like to achieve on the Saturday.


Sat Workshops, 1pm – 6pm

Each Sat, half the group will work closely with the film and animation tutors. This is where you will learn filmmaking, editing and animation techniques with real hands on experience and produce material for your films.


Sat Masterclasses, 1pm-6pm

Each Sat you will have the opportunity to sign up to a selection of exciting masterclasses with industry professionals. These will give you real experience of the vast range of opportunities available to work and study in film, there really is something for all personalities, talents and interests in the film industry, and this is your chance to discover where you shine!

Masterclasses will include street art, Parkour, video projection, music for film, intro to industry and creating your own film festival.


For more information or to get involved, contact Kate MacKay at