Castlesound Recording

“It was my first time heading to Castlesound, a place in the middle of nowhere as far as I’m concerned (sorry Pentcaitland) but nae worries, I’d be heading with Jack and Luci so at least if I got lost we’d all get lost. Fortunately that didn’t happen! We arrived and took part in three days of exciting, long awaited recording.

It had been awhile since I had to record anything – I think I was D.I’d into a unit in someone’s living room – so I was looking forward to it, challenges and all. Given that we’ve been playing the music for so long now (4 years in some cases!) it’s always interesting to see how well people actually know the music and it’s a great experience for those who don’t hear themselves outwith the moment, a few cringes upon hearing myself in the booth. It made us all the better though – can’t wait for the next one!

Personal favourite moment: trying to sync up the bass hits in the opening to Aftermath with Graham’s cello line and then making sure the tempo stayed where it was – like holding the reigns on a bull (the orchestra, not Graham… no offence Graham)!”


Huge thanks to Castlesound Studios, the Black Diamond Express and the Tinderboxers, and MD Mike Kearney and sound engineer Garry Boyle for their tireless work and leadership in getting the band to be the best they can be and making the weekend possible.