Room To Play 2016


Room to Play

A multi-disciplinary, hands-on, residency programme for emerging musicians, artists & game developers.



Room to Play is an exciting new programme exploring interactive live and digital processes in music, art, performance and game-development.  A team of 13 emerging musicians, visual artists, game developers and other professions came together for 10 weeks to work with award-winning musician, sound-designer, game developer and sonic artist, Yann Seznec (British Composer Award for Sonic Art, 2015), as well as Edinburgh’s Tinderbox Orchestra, to develop a series of interactive musical and orchestral performances and installations.  These were exhibited and showcased at Hidden Door Festival 2016, Edinburgh Game Symposium at DARE ProtoPlay 2016, and at North Edinburgh Arts.

We are excited that the project is looking to continue informally with regular get-togethers so the artists can continue to make and develop projects.  If you would be interested in getting involved in this project, please get in touch with us at

Marianne Sice with Room to Play at Hidden Door 2016


Yann Seznec
yseznecYann is a musician, sound designer, game-developer and artist, whose work focuses on interaction, physical sound, and unusual approaches to musical software and hardware. In December 2015, he received a British Composer Award for Sonic Art for his work “Currents”. He received an MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh and is the founder of Lucky Frame, a Bafta award-winning company specialising in fun and intuitive digital creations. Recent projects include collaborating with Matthew Herbert and the BBC Concert Orchestra to build custom software and hardware for “Baroque Remixed” at the Roundhouse, an Edinburgh Art Festival and PRS commission, and performances at Mutek Montreal, Melbourne Recital Hall, and Köln Philharmonie. In the last year he has created a set of original music for an interactive whisky cocktail event, an abstract documentary for blindfolded audience aboard a canal boat, and a series of sonic visualisations made from recordings of war planes for a residency at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. |

Timea Tabori


Timea Tabori is an Engine Programmer at Rockstar North and the Chair of IGDA Scotland. She is a STEM and Video Game Ambassador and CoderDojo mentor working to highlight career opportunities in digital technology to young people, especially women. She is passionate about bringing diversity and new voices to the games industry and creating playful experiences for everyone through improved collaboration.

Website: | Twitter: @TimeaTabori

Rachel McBrinn

rachel (1)

Rachel McBrinn is a visual artist working mainly with digital video and installation. Her practice connects material, spaces and histories, often guided by outdated scientific theories and ideologies. She is currently working on a new commission entitled ‘Monument’ for Hidden Door Festival 2016, and undertaking residencies at Edinburgh Printmakers and the RSA Collection. Rachel also teaches and works as a Tutor Support at Leith School of Art.

Website: | Twitter: @Rachel_McBrinn

Benjamin Luff


I am Ben Luff, a games designer/programmer originally from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, currently studying an MProf in Computer Games Development in Dundee. My undergraduate degree is in games programming (Computer Games Technology), however I currently fill a design role and am interested in creating anything that tries to do something a little different with traditionally ludic concepts. I have had the pleasure of working with cutting-edge technology during my internship at Microsoft Research last year, but I am also an advocate for the expressive use of procedural media, so I have loved being a BAFTA scholar and a member of the games crew. My other interests include music (I am an avid record collector), cooking, VR visuals and cinema; I would love to incorporate these into my designs if possible!

Jaime Cross

Jaime Cross - Team Junkfish

Jaime Cross is a sound designer and composer for games, currently working at Team Junkfish where he also serves as a company director. He has a focus on building and reinforcing game worlds though audio, as well as 3D audio spatialisation. He has previously taught about game audio at the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio, and has spoken at a number of events on the same subject.He also sits on the board of directors for IGDA Scotland, the Scottish branch of the IGDA, a game developer advocacy group.

Darragh Quinn


Darragh Quinn is a musician, designer and surfer from county Mayo, Ireland. As a fiddle player and guitarist he has toured extensively with projects such as the Etno Caravan, Oakwin and as a duo with fiddler Luisa Brown. He recently launched a solo songwriting project under the name LOST ARCHITECT and he continues to combine performing and writing music alongside working as a freelance graphic designer in Edinburgh.

Marianne Sice

1 (1)

Marianne is in her third year studying music at The University of Edinburgh. As well as being a classically trained pianist, singer and guitarist , she enjoys exploring diverse types of music and collaborating with other art forms.

Marianne is passionate about the way music , sound and visual art affects the way we feel, to the way we perceive things, to the way we think. She is very excited to embrace this project as a challenge for both the creators of the art and the observers.

Stella Phipps

StellaPhipps photo

I’m a visual artist and illustrator, based in Glasgow. My practice explores themes of memory and identity to create layered, poetic works, with a mixed media approach and a focus on  installation and storytelling. I work with the community arts  organisation Impact Arts and I’m currently exploring puppetry and  performance with a group of young people, alongside devising a  series of feltmaking workshops and collaborative exhibition entitled Traces.      

Website: | Blog: | Twitter: @phipps_stella07

Martin Disley

Martin is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Music Technology at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in composition, interactive installation art, and acoustics. Current projects include, an interactive system exploring the effects of repeatable performed gestures on the engagement of participants with live avant-garde electroacoustic sound, designed specifically for those unfamiliar with the tradition. Outside of his studies he is currently working with Artlink Edinburgh designing and building sensory engagement devices for people with severe disability.

Rosalind Sharp

Rosalind has just completed her second year as a music student at the University of Glasgow. She is a performer first and foremost, but in recent years has taken a strong interest in composing. After taking the university’s Sonic Arts course, Rosalind composed a piece for human and computer entitled ‘Incidental Dream’ which explores the idea of “unfamiliar familiarity” in our dreams, and the sense of uneasiness that accompanies this. Rosalind plays clarinet and alto sax, and is currently stretching herself over multiple genres in an attempt to get a feel for as many types of music as she can. She is very excited about the Room to Play project as it will allow her to collaborate with individuals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, and will give her the opportunity to learn new skills out-with her normal field of study and comfort zone.

Jack Stancliffe


I’m a young maker creating work with both situation and site specificity – utilising notions of the performance or “performativity” to find ways to create situations where communities and publics can unravel and challenge their relationships to people and place. With a specific emphasis on ideas around the communication of histories, such projects have existed on tourist filled beaches, yacht clubhouses, amateur dramatic theatres, and dockyards.

I also work the friction filled world of arts and education and youth arts settings, working for organisations such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Showroom, YTAS Scotland, Cryptic Theatre, and Wild Rumpus.

Ceylan Hay

12646758_10157138962460377_6691006002210270337_o (1)

Ceylan Hay is a self-taught musician, composer and sound artist, currently studying the interdisciplinary-focused MA (Honours) Music degree at University of Edinburgh. She is interested in the therapeutic possibilities for sound, free improvisation, the migration of music and musical instruments, apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic visions of the future and sleep paralysis. In previous creative collaborations, she has performed a granite mountain, a biological cell, a crannog, a banana, a goddess of the sea, a toad’s bride and a moth-killer.

Soundcloud: | Facebook:

Oana Stanciu

I’m a visual artist from Romania currently living in Edinburgh. My recent work involves photography and moving image in which I use myself as a model, experimenting with my body and everyday objects to improvise scenes and create unnatural or subtly distorted images. I have also worked for several films, and am a freelance graphic designer, set designer and photographer.


Jennifer Austin

12244775_10153190621682681_6134532501581066948_o (2)

Jennifer Austin is a musician from Orkney. She graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA in Applied Music and now performs with singer/songwriter ‘Rachel Sermanni‘, folk trio, ‘Wildings‘ and Orkney band, Fara. Jennifer also composes and has written pieces for Celtic Connections, Mr MacFall’s Chamber Quintet and for the art collective, Projector Club. She also tutors with an inclusive music company called Paragon.



Tinderbox Project and Tinderbox Orchestra: 

A visionary and award-winning system of tbox logocontemporary youth orchestras, workshops, creative productions and apprenticeship programmes based in Edinburgh.

“Rave Culture meets last night of the Proms” The Herald.
**** The Guardian, **** The Scotsman, **** The List

Hidden Door:

A multi-arts festival in Edinburgh which aims to create a platform for up and coming hidden-door-logoartists to showcase experimental work to large public audiences in non-traditional settings. Previous festivals attracted audiences of around 10000 people. ***** The Scotsman.

Edinburgh Game Symposium:


Promotes discussion, sharing of practice and learning around video game development and game audio through a well-represented and international spectrum of speakers, workshops and panel discussions. Twitter: Edin_Game

North Edinburgh Arts: 

neaAward winning cultural centre in Muirhouse in Edinburgh, providing a safe, enjoyable and creative environment for people of all ages to relax and develop within.



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