Alternative Orchestra Night: Room to Play at Hidden Door Festival 2016 Hidden Door Festival, Mon 30th May, 6-11pm

Talking About Birds (ft. Song Yuzhe)

Tinderbox’s “Alternative Orchestra Night: Room to play” will be coming to the Electric City at Hidden Door Festival this year, on Monday the 30th of May.  Check out the line-up & info below…

6-11pm, £12/£10 advance
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9.45-11pm: Tinderbox Orchestra

Closing the night Edinburgh’s famous Tinderbox Orchestra will bring together bands, artists and poets and take you on an orchestral journey through new collaborations and compositions!

“Rave Culture meets last night of the Proms” The Herald
“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News
**** The Guardian, **** The Scotsman, **** The List

8.15-8.35pm: Room to Play

Room to Play is an exciting new creative course exploring interactive live and digital processes in music, art, performance and game-development.  A team 13 emerging musicians, visual artists, game developers and other professions have come together to work with award-winning musician, sound-designer, game developer and sonic artist, Yann Seznec (British Composer Award for Sonic Art, 2015), as well as Edinburgh’s Tinderbox Orchestra, to develop a series of interactive musical and orchestral performances and installations. These will be on display in the daytime plus this feature slot with the Tinderbox Orchestra for a brand new experiment!  More info here

6.30-7.15pm: Mantra & Niall Moody

Film, game, and media music band Mantra have teamed up with games developer and sound designer Niall Moody on their live interactive game music production Dance of Whispered Truths – where audience members can control the band and visuals through a custom console in an aesthetic-generative game atmosphere, through group musical and visual improvisation.  Facebook page here.


7.20-8pm: Jellyman’s Daughter

“The Jellyman’s Daughter sound like they’ve come down from the same cold mountain as The Civil Wars or Grammy-winning duo Robert Plant and Alison Krauss… [Graham] can make his cello as percussive as a drum, as grounded as a bass or as sweet as a fiddle… when Kelly and Coe sing together, their harmonies squeeze the heart.” The Herald Scotland.

8.45-9.25: Brave Little Note

Brave Little Note is the alter ego of composer and multi instrumentalist Jacqueline Irvine. She makes lovely noise using electronics alongside real instruments and vocals. Amongst other projects this year, she has collaborated with King Creosote and a talented bunch of female musicians on his gorgeous album The Queens of Brush County. She will also be collaborating with Tinderbox Orchestra later in the evening. She rarely performs live so catch her while you have the chance! Listen on soundcloud here