#Yourchestra – Meet Aga Idczak (Vocals)


Meet different members of the orchestra weekly! Our orchestra is your orchestra.

Aga Idczak 


1. What instrument do you play and how long have you been playing with Tinderbox?                          I sing and I have been involved in the Tinderbox Project since Autumn 2014.

2. What is your first musical memory?                                                                                               Watching my older brother playing the piano when I was younger. This encouraged me to take my first piano lessons.

3. Which record / band rocks your world at the moment?                                                                       That’s a good question! There are a few good albums I have listened to a lot lately, such as Somi’s Petite Afrique, Beady Belle’s ‘On My Own‘. There is one track in particular that rocks my world at the moment: This is Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) by Jazmine Sullivan.

4. What’s your favourite Tinderbox memory or gig?

Performing at the Meadows Festival in 2015. I remember that it was a very windy day and it was difficult to breathe while I was singing. The music sheets were flying around the stage! I don’t know how I managed to sing along with the others. This gig was fun! 🙂

5. What’s your favourite track on the album?

I think that this is probably ‘Bethany Lane’. I have seen how much work Jack and Luci put into getting everybody recorded on this track, and maybe that’s why I think this is a very special song!

Thanks Aga! Check back here for a chance to get to know some of the other faces behind Tinderbox, before we release our debut album (4th June 2017).