Pouring Emotions Onto The Page

It was a particularly emotional Youth & Community Hub last night and one that really highlights the power of creative expression.

One of our regular Tinderboxers arrived at the beginning of the Hub in a terrible state because of things that had happened earlier in the day. I could see that she was incredibly angry and struggling to keep it under control. We started having a chat and she was literally shaking with rage with tears rolling down her cheeks.

As the Hub started she asked for a pen and paper and started writing.

After 20mins or so she was visibly more calm and came to join  the rap group. She built up the courage to share what she had written and everyone could see it was a great piece of writing about dealing with anger.

Despite not wanting to perform her work in person she agreed to let Tinderbox Tutor Elek Kish share her words at the open stage. It was a really powerful moment and you could see that she had turned something very negative into a massive positive in a short amount of time.

This is what it’s all about.

There was also a jam with bagpipes, hip hop loops and rappers complaining about the reduced sugar in Irn Bru.

This is also what it’s all about.