Tinderbox Champions in Curious Seed production ‘Teenage Trilogy’

Niki, Emily and Thomas paid a visit to Perth Theatre to see Kenny and Julia perform the final show of Teenage Trilogy. Niki caught up with them just before the show opened!


How are you feeling before the last show?

Oh, quite sad, because we’re like a family now. We just had a huddle and some people cried.

 Ooo have you seen this? [brings over show programme]…look it’s my name and Kenny! My dad’s on here somewhere, there he is.


Is there anything that has stood out to you being part of this project and show so far?

Yes, Chris Devany is amazing, she’s so inspiring and nice to work with.


How have you found working with a professional cast?

Great fun, the professionalism of the whole project has been the best for me.


How much creative input do you feel you’ve had within the show?

Quite a lot adding my own music and seeing them dance to it.


Do you have any advice for other young people that might be interested in taking part in something similar?

Yes, keep practicing the drums and you’ll be as good as Kenny is!



Niki Dunne – Musician & Tinderbox Champions Project Manager