Sonia’s First Time at The Lab!

“Had a great time at my first Tinderbox Lab today! For a while I have been wanting to experiment with audio reactive lighting using MAX/msp and Teensy boards.  I came in with a vague idea of what this might entail, but as a sound artist with little experience, I did not have a clue of how to approach this. With Luci’s help, I was able to learn the basics of electronics and Arduino coding and finally put my ideas into practice. The lab’s resources make it possible for everyone to work on various projects and explore creative ideas together. I’m looking forward to also attend some Wednesday lab sessions as well as the Saturday drop ins!” – Sonia, Tinderbox Musician and Digital Artist.

“We had a great session today at our first Saturday Lab, with lots of mini electronics and coding projects and also a visit from games designers Kirsty Keatch and Florian Veltman from London games studio ustwo games!”- Luci, Tinderbox Musician and Digital Artist.