Oor Wullies comin’ soon!

“After each music session at The Sick Kids Hospital, I offer the children and young people the chance to draw on my guitar. Quite often they will draw something relating to what we have been singing about, so the guitar tells the story of all the songs we have written and sung. Everything from exotic holidays to rainbow unicorns and tigers adorn the instrument. It is a journey into the imaginative worlds of the children and young people who have visited the  hospital.

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity recently invited me to paint an Oor Wullie, for part of The Bucket Trail, and I decided to reproduce as many of the children’s drawing as possible onto his dungarees, so he can tell the stories to other children who see him, and share the adventures we have had. 

My guitar is so full of drawings now that there is no space left. It’s time to paint it white and start again. And by passing all the drawings on to Oor Wullie, it means they will not be lost!
Oor Wullie will be revealed soon… watch this space for updates on his new multi coloured dungarees!
For now, here is a pic of the awesome hospital guitar!” – Hailey, Tinderbox Artist.

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